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A heartwarming story about a great blinded dog Lily.

Blind Great Dane Lily & her kind-hearted canine carer Maddison

Lily, six, was barely a puppy when she was struck down by a bizarre medical condition that caused her eyelashes to grown into her eyeballs, damaging them beyond repair.

It was after this traumatic event that her relationship with seven-year-old Maddison developed as she took her under her wing.

If they are out and about, for the majority of the time Maddison will lead and Lily will walk nearly touching her so she knows where to go. It’s lovely to watch.

With her lack of sight, Lily’s other senses have heightened. They curl up together to go to sleep and they are very vocal with each other.

They were at a shelter, but since their story went viral, they were adopted.